What is a domain ?

Domain Name is the name of your Website, your web profile. A domain name is unique. once you purchase a domain, the IP address of the domain and you as its owner get recorded in a global registry and never duplicated. Your ownership remains valid for the time you have paid for. Hence it is important to “renew” domains on time, before it expires. 

A good domain name achieves 3 things for you.

  • Create a lasting first impression:A domain name is the very first thing a prospective customer will see of your site and it’s their initial interaction with your brand. A unique or memorable domain name will speak to what they want and stick in their head. An unfitting domain, on the other hand, can turn off prospective customers.
  • Define your brand:A domain name can be used to instantly speak to your brand, letting the customers know who you are and what you are selling. A relevant domain name can help key your customers in on your product, or a unique domain name can create a link that associates your name with your product.
  • Optimize SEO:Search engine optimization utilizes keywords in order to help your SEO rankings. Exact match domains are not necessary, but it is helpful to use a domain that is close.

While there are many Domain Registrars across the web offering domains at cheap rates, please note that these rates are mostly valid only for the first year. So, read carefully about their renewal terms, before committing to anyone.

Further, it is also important to select a domain name provider with established after-sales-service reputation and has a 24×7 technical support feature, either over chat, telephone or both.    

With our experience in the industry so far, we recommend the following service providers, whom we trust and use regularly for our customers.

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