What is SMO ?

Social media optimization (SMO) is the process of optimizing your website to make it more “sociable.” In other words, SMO makes it easier for your business to get discovered online by all the right people! That’s why SMO is sometimes also called “Search Marketing Optimization”.)

SMO bridges the gap between your site and your social presence (meaning, your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media accounts), making you more visible on the web, and giving your audience more ways to connect and interact with you.

When done right, SMO keeps your brand messaging consistent across all networks, improves your site rankings on search, drives traffic from social sites and organic search, and boosts awareness about your brand and website.

How SMO is done ?

Social media optimization doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen all at once – it’s an ongoing process. When you do it consistently, it can yield big results over time.

There are many SMO techniques, but its core tenets are universal:

  1. Engagement: That means talking to your fans on social media, and through blogging, writing guest posts on other sites, and even doing informational videos or podcasts.
  2. Quality content:  Keywords are just one part of the picture – shareable, quality content builds your real life as well as your online reputation. And… the better your online reputation, the better your domain authority (which is kind of a big deal for driving traffic to your site).
  3. Strategic social: Know where your audience is and meet them there.
  4. Thought leadership: You may not think of yourself as an industry expert, but you’re the only one like you! Your perspectives, experiences, and advice are unique and valuable. So keep sharing.

What does Webtrooper's SMO package offer ?

We hold your hands since the very inception and walk you through the entire journey, till your goals are achieved.

  1. SMO Strategy Formulation / Optimization
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Social Media Profile Optimization
  4. Using Existing Influencers
  5. Centent Optimization
  6. Strategize and manage your Posting Schedule
  7. Social Media Analytics
  8. Create / Manage Relevant Headlines
  9. Create / Manage Relevant Hashtags
  10. Create / Manage Engaging Visuals and Text to drive traffic

Our Social media optimization can completely change the way you approach your online marketing activities forever, boosting your image, value of your brand and popularity of your website. 

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